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22 November, 2003

You what?

I was contacted a couple of days ago by someone making an excellent observation about certain lyrics in Tull's 'A Passion Play', a particular welcome contribution to my Annotated Passion Play. Having added J. Eric Smith's key points to the website, I went on to visit his.
The thing that particularly struck me was the snappy prose style of a professional writer, in considerable contrast to the obscuring precision of an ex-academic, which I'd naturally fallen into when updating the APP annotations.

Obscuring precision. That phrase came to me in the shower a few minutes ago. Almost an oxymoron, but itself illustrating my point: that I occasionally (often?) compose a sentence in a way that conveys exactly what I mean, but perhaps only to me - I know exactly which sense of a word I mean, and which secondary meaning can be inferred, but those who mightn't think in the same way (or, back in the context of academia, those unfamiliar with the conventions of a certain specialism) might interpret my words differently, or entirely misunderstand, or simply find my written style impenetrable.


You make me blush . . . thanks for the kind words. I've added a link to the Annotated Passion Play from my website, and am off to see which of my comments you liked enough to incorporate!



Posted by J. Eric Smith at January 8, 2004 12:14 AM
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