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12 November, 2003


A few years ago, it was usual to go to a pub at least four night per week; not drinking heavily, but it was just the way to spend time, socialising with same group of 8-10. It's difficult to pin down exactly, but perhaps around the time most of these friends turned thirty (when I was about 26), that practice tailed-off; it rapidly dwindled to just Fridays, and occasion Saturdays, and more recently it's not even every week, very rarely with more than 4 other people.

The reasons aren't clear - certain people went traveling for periods of six months or so and never got back into the pub routine, or couples broke up and the new partners weren't pub people; whatever, I'd thought the underlying cause was age and attitudes evolving in a more domestic direction. The pub group certainly seemed to fragment into subgroups who spent the same time in each others' homes.

Maybe I was right - now I'm just about to hit 32 this weekend, I'm certainly not the person I was at 26, and don't feel much inclination to celebrate it in a pub with a large group of people. True but sad.

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