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31 October, 2003

En-suite shower

Home early from work today. Merrily working away at ~13:30, trying to ignore the sound of drilling upstairs, I was surprised to hear running water. This took a few seconds to locate - one doesn't usually expect a cascade of water from the lights. Coincidentally, the drilling had stopped abruptly.

Having turned the PCs off, cleared Helena's desk and shoved a bin under the waterfall, I went to find a builder. Strangely enough, they were in the adjoining office, staring at a drip from the ceiling. They seemed excited to see me....

It took a while to turn the water off, so they found various large buckets to cover the floor, and I switched off the PCs - there was no urgent risk to their power point, across the room, but splashes wouldn't be healthy. It seems a builder had drilled through the concrete floor above, hitting an undocumented hot water supply. That hole was 4-5m away, but the nearest route through was my light fitting. The water pressure seemed to increase for a while, and even shut off, the waterfall took almost an hour to diminish to a trickle, and was still steadily dripping at 15:30. Beyond shutting off the water and cleaning up Helena's desk and the floor, the builders couldn't do much, though they returned after an hour to puncture suspicious bulges in the ceiling.

Luckily, Helena had still been at lunch when it first happened, as she would have been soaked instantly. Her side of the room was unusable, so I sent her home, but it seems I was expected to turn my PC back on and continue as normal! However, it wouldn't boot - no response from the hard drive. I couldn't find a problem, so called a tech; he took it away for diagnosis, and NRT left the building.

Monday could be boring, or brief, if I don't have a PC....

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