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10 October, 2003

LAUNCHcast at Yahoo!

Just found LAUNCHcast web radio (at Yahoo!). I've never really listened to web radio before, due to a combination of having to pay for internet access from home and having musical tastes that aren't exactly compatible with standard radio playlists! I get free better-than-broadband internet access at work, and this station allows a lot of customisation, so I get to hear artists I choose to hear. Importantly, I don't get to choose the running order or specific tracks, so there's an element of surprise, and additional artists are thrown in which I haven't selected, so I get to hear music new to me.

Over-customisation is my main criticism of webzines, etc. A selling-point is that it's possible to have an online newspaper show only stories matching preselected areas of interest, but there's a major disadvantage: missing out on things that the reader mightn't realise he/she would wish to know. If one reads reviews of music, books, films, etc. that one already knows, how can one's taste expand and develop?

If anyone wants to try my playlist, listen here. You may need to sign up to Yahoo! for access.

NP: Godspeed You! Black Emperor: 'Blaise Bailey Finnegan III' (on LAUNCHcast - what other radio station would broadcast a track lasting 17:45, featuring a sampled rant against the US government and legal system?) Excellent track, but I can't play it loud enough at work!

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