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9 October, 2003

By the numbers

Copyright National Express - reproduced for reviewI was stuck behind a National Express coach on my way home from work a few minutes ago; slow traffic provided plenty of time to study the company's new (to me, anyway) logo, a prime example of corporate blandness.
A red circle overlapping a larger blue circle on a white background, with a curved 'freehand' white arrow linking the circles. The tail of the arrow makes the red circle 'smile', whilst the upward curve of the arrow is a similar cliche indicating positivity. The arrow links the smaller red circle (you are here) to the larger blue circle (the world), indicating "we'll take you places". The red, white & blue colour scheme reinforces the 'national' element of the UK company.
All very inoffensive, as design-by-committee tends to be, but hardly inspiringly creative.
The typography is quite good on the website (though not 'in the field', on the coach itself), with the word 'National' being as long as the graphic element is wide, and the larger 'Express' off to the side in a welcome break from the obvious.

NP: Sigur Rós, Boston, USA, 15/03/03

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