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7 October, 2003

New Fish songs

Earlier, I was listening to a recording of Fish's 31/05/03 show in Tranent, UK, which included two new songs, presumably intended for his next album, 'Field Of Crows'.
Sorry to say, I wasn't particularly impressed by the unofficial preview. The new pieces, 'Numbers' and 'Zoo Class' sounded very much like tracks from a 'Fellini Days Part 2' album i.e. they have a very similar feel to the 2001 album, which itself seemed to be missing some 'spark' that could have elevated it from 'not bad' to his earlier 'very good/excellent'. A weakness of the new material is an apparent over-reliance on just repeating the title. I really hope it's only because he's still working on the lyrics!

[Update 14/2/04: See my review of 'Field Of Crows'.]

NP: Marillion, Geleen, The Netherlands, 04/05/02

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