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4 October, 2003

Template replaced

The new template is online. It's taken longer than expected to modify the standard Ministry page design into the header graphics and write a new template, not least because it's been an educational process! I've learned a lot of practical CSS today, which is a little disturbing when one considers I'm supposedly a pro web designer....
When I first learned CSS, incompatible browsers were usual, so I left most attributes to be defined by HTML i.e. I only learned a cut-down version of CSS. Today I tried to do it properly - and struggled!

As the blog is staying at blog*spot for now, the images have to be loaded from the Ministry server; not ideal, but we'd have to pay for image hosting at blog*spot. Blogger allows hosting at our own domain (which would also eliminate the layout-ruining advert!), but server access issues at our end prevent that. I'll have to consider our options.

Please let us know if anything looks odd or doesn't work in your browser.

[Needless to say, this post is no longer relevant, but has been copied across to the MT-based blog for archiving purposes.]

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