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3 September, 2011

Well. It's been a while.

When I last posted, in February, I was already drifting towards the dreaded 'hiatus', having dropped back from multiple posts per day at the blog's peak to a comfortable ~10 per month in 2008-9 and a half-hearted 2-3 per month.

24 February, 2011


I don't think this needs any elaboration.

22 February, 2011

Web of Science

Inspired by work on Facebook 'friendship' mapping, Olivier H. Beauchesne has derived a fascinating map of collaborations between scientific researchers.

20 January, 2011

Let your fingers do the cancelling

A BBC report about UK phone books getting smaller (it wasn't particularly interesting) happened to mention something that hadn't even occurred to me: that it's possible to opt out of receiving phone directories altogether.

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