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Ian Anderson's lyrics for Jethro Tull's 'A Passion Play
  Mark Ridley, Derek Small, Max Quad, Ben Rossington, John Tetrad


By far the most prolific contributor during the preparation of this site, Andy Jackson is probably quoted on every single page of the interpretation - and these quotes were merely the ones I could understand.... Andy is also webmaster of Jethro Tull Press, featuring numerous press reviews of the Play, both the album and played live, which are well worth reading.

A large amount of this interpretation of the Play arose from an extended evaluation of the album at the original Tull e-mail discussion list (now defunct), the St. Cleve Chronicle (SCC). Frank Mathie, a fellow participant in the original debate (in 1997-8, I think), beat me 'into print' with his write-up of the proceedings, available here. Thanks to Frank, and the other SCC members, whose names are somewhere in the SCC archives....

Terry Moore provided valuable insight into the possible philosophically 'deeper' meanings behind apparently straightforward lines.

Thanks to Carsten Bergmann for several very useful annotations, and inspiration for more of my own!

The members of TalkTull (a worthy successor to the SCC) saw a preview of this site some months before it went live, attracting some extremely valuable comments. Several specific comments are cited in the main text, but particular thanks are due to Hawk and others who 'simply' set me thinking in alternative directions.

Special thanks go to Job - Robert Jobson - for sending me, from Australia, free of charge and for no expected reward other than my eternal gratitude, a mint copy of the LP, theatre programme and all. What a star!

Similarly, thanks to Steve Davies for scanning his copy of the 1973 tour programme. Sorry it took so long to get it online, Steve.

Jan Voorbij's Annotated Jethro Tull Lyrics site, Cup Of Wonder is an invaluable resource for anyone attempting a venture such as this - highly recommended.

In my opinion, Leigh-Ann Hussey's 'The Annotated Passion Play' typifies the over-literate interpretation with which I disagree. But that's okay; others might like it, and it would be rude of me to ignore it's existence. Have a look; decide for yourself.

Brian Meyers' rather fanciful discussion of Tull's albums 1971-78, 'To Be The Play', has long been out-of-print. If anyone wishes to track down a copy (though I doubt it would reward the effort), it was published in 1978 by Fishergate Publishing Co., Annapolis, Md. USA. Its Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 78-70864.

Your name here! Have you anything to add to the interpretation? Do you disagree with anything? Can you add any background information? Did you see the Play performed live? Please get in contact!

Oh; and thanks, of course, to Ian Anderson and Jethro Tull, for the album itself.

Ian Anderson
Magus Perde

All lyrics © 1973 Chrysalis Records, Ltd. Used with respect, but not permission. Concept and original graphics © NRT, 2001. Except where specifically cited, all text © NRT, 2004 (all rights reserved).
Links are welcomed, but unauthorised reproduction prohibited. This material is not in the public domain, and is not free for use elsewhere (especially commercially).

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